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Android 4.4 (KitKat) kernel for Nexus 10

Not sure what this is about? Read this post first.

Update (26 Nov): I’ve updated this twice now, once to add several 3G modem/dongle drivers, and the last round to put back the out of tree driver for my USB Ethernet stick.

Update (14 Dec): I’ve added a kernel for those of you running KOT49H (ie. Android 4.4.2)

The kernel sources were finally released yesterday morning (in my timezone). I’m guessing this happened at the same time KRT16S became available. Anyway, I’ve compiled my tweaked version of the kernel for the Nexus 10. Download it here:

And yes! I’ve finally gotten round to making an of the boot image. The zip flashes the boot partition, copies the kernel modules into /data/kernel_modules/<kernel name> and symlinks /system/lib/modules/<kernel name> to /data/kernel_modules/<kernel name>. The symlink is necessary because, at least on my device, there is very little space left on /system, and my modprobe is configured to look in /system/lib/modules.

Note that I’ve only tested the on CWM Recovery In any case, you should always be able to flash this using fastboot. To flash it manually with fastboot, just extract the zip – the kernel modules and boot image are inside.

I believe the most common drivers for 3/4G USB dongles are already compiled in. Some others many be present as loadable modules.

PPP Widget Note:

I don’t personally use PPP Widget, but I realised many of you are using 3/4G USB dongles with your Nexus. Nigel (in the comments below) pointed out that PPP Widget does not set the DNS servers in Android correctly all the time, and you may be using DNS servers from the last time your tablet was connected to WiFi. The fix for this is disable WiFi before connecting with PPP Widget.